About NTM action

Our mission is to transform the lives of patients with serious and rare diseases

Through responsible innovation and a profound sense of urgency, Insmed are committed to delivering technologies and medicines in therapeutic areas with the greatest potential to make a difference in patients’ lives. By developing therapies for rare and serious diseases which currently have few, if any, treatment options, Insmed aim to address unmet needs. To fully achieve this mission, Insmed believe it is important to support healthcare professionals working with patients affected by these diseases. Just as there are few treatment options for patients living with rare diseases, there are few educational resources for healthcare professionals involved in their management.

Insmed have developed NTM action in collaboration with NTM experts and the scientific community to ensure that up-to-date thought-leading, expert-supported, evidenced-based educational material is available for everyone involved in the care of patients with NTM.

NTM action is an innovative, interactive resource designed to increase awareness of NTM and strengthen professional competence surrounding each practitioners’ individual role in NTM, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Job code NP-UK-00130. Date 1 Apr 2020.